WACCM Intro Video

The "World Association for Chinese Church Music" (WACCM) is formed by Chinese believers from all over the world to develop Chinese sacred music ministry. Its ministry concept originated in 1972 and was initiated by the Philippine Song of Songs Fellowship. With the goal of promoting church music ministry, it invited people from seven regions in Southeast Asia, namely Myanmar, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Sacred music professionals and leaders gather, discuss and communicate. That year's conference reached a number of consensuses and unanimously approved the establishment of the "Southeast Asia Christian Sacred Music Advancement Association"; it will hold a sacred music conference every two years and register its headquarters in Hong Kong, while the general office will be located in Manila, Philippines. In addition, the purpose of the conference is also proposed to be [Promote sacred music. Glorify God and benefit people. ]

This move received positive responses from Chinese churches and sacred music co-workers in various places, and the number of representatives attending the meeting gradually increased. Since the attendees were not only from Southeast Asia, but also from Asia-Pacific and North America, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States, it was proposed and unanimously agreed at the 1982 Singapore Sacred Music Conference to rename the organisation to "World Association For Chinese Church Music".

The World Association For Chinese Church Music has been developing its ministry for half a century. In addition to adhering to its original intention, it also actively promotes ministry concepts and recruits professionals from all over the world. So far, our ministry has spread across 11 countries around the world and has branches in 19 districts. This fully reflects the mission and influence of the WACCM as a global cross-denominational Christian music ministry organization.

In 2020, WACCM launched a transformation initiative to re-explore and formulate its ministry strategies and directions. It is hoped that with an innovative attitude, we will make good use of efficient electronic and network management platforms, maintain close contact with each district, and strategically implement and promote regional sacred music ministries. At the same time, by attaching great importance to sacred music education amd propagation of missions' goal, and through biblical teaching, the Association’s Mission Statement is formulated as:

(1) Improve the quality of sacred music education and enrich sacred music training materials;
(2) Cultivate talents for sacred music service and propagate the mission of the enhancement of sacred music;
(3) Adhere to biblical worship principles and preach the gospel through sacred music;
(4) Foster close working relationships with sacred music colleagues and render assistance to churchs' sacred music ministry.

Thank God for leading WQACCM for many years. The number of participants in the "Sacred Music Conference", the association's core ministry, has gradually increased from 71 in the first session to a thousand people in the conference. Among them, many people have decided to devote themselves to the service of sacred music. In addition, since 1999, the association has also launched an intensive course for sacred music leaders every two years, with a special focus on the pastoral care of sacred music leaders. Over the years, our association has continued to promote a number of ministries, including -

  • A Sacred Music Conference and Sacred Music Camp (collectively referred to as the Sacred Music Conference) is held every two years: in addition to technical training, specially-appointed pastoral experts are invited to give lectures on sacred music topics, focusing on spiritual growth and sacred music service training;
  • The "Intensive Course for Sacred Music Leadership" is held every two years;
  • Send instructors to various districts to give lectures on sacred music and provide training in conducting, choir singing, and congregational singing;
  • Encourage churches to hold "Sacred Music Sunday" services, and co-organize evangelistic meetings or praise meetings;
  • Encourage Chinese hymns and music creation;
  • Promote the ministry of sacred music information: Publish the newsletter "The Sound of Sacred Music" to promote the exchange of sacred music information, publish the experiences and teachings of sacred music professionals, and improve the quality of sacred music services (three issues are published each year, with each issue about 4,000 copies );
  • Compile and publish a series of sacred music books and collections of sacred music poems: "Chinese Choral Hymns" and "Chinese Sacred Music Selection", etc.;
  • Establish a website -https://www.waccm.com/ to promote the exchange of sacred music information and promote Chinese sacred music works;
  • Establish the "Sacred Music Education Fund" to support and promote the cultivation of young professionals;
  • Promote regional sacred music camps eg. World Association for Chinese Church Music Malaysia Sacred Music Camp, etc.