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有關對此決定而產生的不便,敬請主裡包函、見諒,下屆世華大會資料,有待公佈,望 彼此代禱、扶持。


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2020 世華聖樂大會籌委會敬啟




Announcement on the Cancellation of 2020 World Association of Chinese Church Music Conference.

We, the Organizing Committee, had unanimously decided to the cancellation of the 25th World Association of Chinese Church Music Conference. It was planned to be held on June 2-6, 2020, at Newton Life Church, Singapore. The cancellation is in view of the latest development of the COVID-19 outbreak. The Organizer undertakes to refund for those who had made the payment for the conference fees.  The process of refund will be informed individually. We regret the inconveniences caused by this cancellation. We ask for your understanding, forbearance, prayer, and support. As for the next conference, we, the WACCM committee, will inform in due time. Kindly contact us privately if you have any comments on this cancellation.

Thank you.



2020 WACCM Organizing Committee

1st March, 2020

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